I have known Mary Pirela for 6 years. Everything Mary does is with such conviction and passion! Whatever area her work is in, Xyngular, Zumba Fitness, Family or friendship. She gives herself completely and with compassion!  She is always reaching for her next goal, and always reaches it!!

– Cindy Sorini Reistad


“Mary has been a wonderful addition to my life, both as a Zumba instructor and as a wellness coach for Xyngular.  She is a warm, caring person.  Mary is always prompt to respond to a question or concern, and will often just send a note to see how I’m doing.  It’s truly been a pleasure to know her!”

– Cathy Olson

“Mary Pirela impressed me the first time I met her as a calm and competent professional. She has drive and focus, achieving her goals with a silent strength. Throughout my years as a fitness professional, I’ve had helpful dialogue with and support from Mary concerning different aspects of my practice, from training to nutrition. She shows concern and kindness to those around her. I consider her a mentor and a sounding board, a professional alliance and a friend.”

– Amy Hodge

“Mary is a great coach, confidant, listener, and supporter!  I was so comfortable sharing my story and struggles with her – there was no judgment, just support and encouragement!  Mary was always available to me for questions, no matter how many, and to help me get going and keep going.  Her honesty, sincerity, knowledge and support was just what I needed!  Thanks Mary!”

– Liz Stone

“Dear Mary I attended your Zumba event and wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your part in the presentation. Your stage presence is perfect! Your routines were fun and easy to follow and when you sensed other presenters maybe getting off beat or rushing into the next segment your approach to helping them getting back on was very effective and neither forceful nor intimidating nor unwelcome. You did a GREAT job, I enjoyed your material, and it was inspiring to see once again how ZES Zumba members standout in a great, fun manner from their other Zumba family members. I have limited experience with Zumba insiders but you have something very special!”

– Lawrence Algiers