Professional Stay Homes – How Do We Get Out of Our Comfort Zone?

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comfort-zoneHow do you identify that it’s time to get out of your comfort zone? 

I have been Zumba® instructor for about 11 years and through all those years I started feeling that I needed to add something else to my career, something that will continue to add value to others peoples’ lives. I’ve always been passionate about helping others, teaching, coaching or mentoring so it definitely has to be something related to those elements. I wanted to also look into generating an additional income for my family. So I decided to educate myself more about nutrition and supplementation. After a couple of months and not by coincidence a Facebook friend showed me the way!!!

For the last couple of years I’ve managed my business without having an online presence and hadn’t thought about it at all about creating a BRAND for myself much less about blogging. However, I’ve realized now that if I want to take my business to the next level I have to have a website and/or a blog to communicate with my audience and be able to reach more people that are in need of my services. I’m passionate about delivering the message of health and wellness to women.  But it’s not just a simple message. You can google “Health and Wellness for Women” and as of today you’ll find over 100 million results. This is a huge topic of interest for a lot of women and more specifically for Professional Stay Home Moms because a lot of these moms are looking for ways to improve their families’ well being. But not only that, it’s more about creating a movement that will fit into our busy lives that will make a great impact in so many ways.

Even though I work with lots of people most of the time, I really have to force myself to reach out to them when sharing about my business and the opportunity behind it. So sometimes I found myself staying where I feel comfortable which has created a lot of frustration, guilt and that feeling of missing opportunities…Oh what if!!! Comfort is easy!

One of my 2013 goals is to overcome fears, to be brave enough to leave my comfort zone with the idea to get different results by doing things differently.
So this time, I decided to apply for a B-School scholarship, Marie Forleo’s Business School for Women Entrepreneur (if you do not know Marie Forleo, visit To enter the contest, I have to create a video talking a little bit about me, my business and how it makes an impact. Then post the video on YouTube for everybody to watch! OMG! My stomach shrank when I read the rules. Why? Because I’m not comfortable in front of the cameras, much less if I have to do it in English. And after several days, creating thousands of excuses in my mind and with the encouragement and support of my loving husband, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and move into that space where the impossible becomes possible.

If you are reading this blog post before February 25th and we know each other or just want to help me or encourage others to follow their dreams please go to the video link below, watch my video “Like” it and leave a positive comment. The winner will be based on Audience Choice. Marie Forleo’s team will track the video with more comments and positive feedback, in other words I need you to vote for my video and support me in this adventure and help me by spreading the word, sharing it with your family and friends! If you think you can benefit or have benefited from meeting me, from this website, from my health coaching or anything else please go to the link below, watch my short video, “like” it and “comment” on it.  I’ll be eternally grateful!
This is the link:

I hope my story will help you and encourage you too to take that leap into the possible!
Blessings to you all,
Mary Pirela

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