From Failure to Success!!!

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FailuretoSuccessIn 2007, while waiting for the birth of my first child, I thought the most (with concern and denial) about having to return to work to my 8-5 job as a Technology Coordinator, while leaving my daughter at daycare and missing out the best moments of her first year of life. My friends warned me to start looking and visit daycares, giving me the best tips and recommendations for when the time comes to visit and select the one place where my daughter would be taken care of during the first months of her life. Time went by, my daughter was born, and I did not follow any of the advice I was given by my friends and family. My time to return to work was here and my stomach shrunk thinking about leaving her with someone else. I visited two or three places that someone recommended. Of course no one like myself! I tried to negotiate with my boss returning to work only part time, which he agreed but for one month only. After that period of time, I had to return to my full time job with new assignments and more responsibilities.

A month later, and after thinking and discussing it with my husband, I decided to quit my job. Thank God, I was an independent trainer for a well-known Dance Fitness program and I could generate additional income that could easily replace my regular full time job earnings. My husband also had a steady job so through it we would still receive medical benefits, which I was scared to lose the most. I put in my resignation and I was the happiest woman in the world knowing that I would have all the time in the world to spend with my baby girl, enjoying her, playing with her, and celebrating every progress of her growth.

A month after I resigned, my plan B fell short. In other words, I stopped generating money, so we became a one income family, with a mortgage on our shoulders, two car payments and the cost associated with having a baby at home! From then on, my nightmare began; we began to reduce expenses, debts began to accumulate, we were about to lose our home. I fell into a state of terrible depression. I felt I was not worth anything. Nothing motivated me. I did not know what to do!!! My marriage began to fall apart, I felt lost. That lasted for about two years. It was awful.

In 2009, God surprised us with another baby. I was terrified. Another baby and we were still dealing with a difficult financial situation. I felt somewhat guilty of not being able to help with household expenses. I knew I had to do something. I did not know exactly what but one thing was very clear: I did not want to return to an 8-5 job. I wanted to work for myself, manage my own time. In other words, I wanted to run my own business. The question now was: What type of business? I did not have much money to invest. In fact, I had nothing and I would not use the family money for that. A little pride, a little fear and what if it does not work? I began to explore options, at that time my husband was very involved with Network Marketing. I kind of understood the concept but I was not thrilled about it. Nevertheless, I explored some options that led me to join a direct sales company that sold purses. The mission of the company was attractive to me, the products were great but after while I realized that I did not identify myself with the products. I wanted something that would add more value to the lives of people, something that really offered a life changing opportunity… which was something that I pursuing for myself.

One day, I got a Facebook message from someone I did not know. A girl original from the same country as I and fellow dance fitness instructor. We connected immediately and we became Facebook friends. Over the days, I started reading her posts about how she was helping people change their lives by improving their overall health, increasing their energy and losing weight. I felt fascinated by her optimistic and uplifting messages and by seeing the results others were getting from the health and wellness system she offered.

I asked her about the program and company and asked her to be very honest with me. I did not want her to tell me that, in only three months, I would become a millionaire! I asked her to tell me the truth about what she was doing and how much she was really making. I was looking into making at least $1000 a month.

I reviewed all the information she sent me. I researched the company, products, and testimonials for about a month. It was not until I studied the Compensation Plan, which was very simple, that I decided to go ahead and joined. It was exactly what I was looking for.

It’s been almost two years since then and I feel really happy and grateful for all the positive changes that decision has brought into my life. I have joined a company that not only gives me the opportunity to help others but it has allowed me to meet and exceed the goals I have set for myself. I have grown so much as a person, as a human being and as a business entrepreneur while taking good care of my family. My husband, who I used as a guinea pig, went from being an overweight sedentary man to being active and energetic. He completed his first marathon a year after loosing weight using these wonderful products. My children not only remain healthy most of the year but will also enjoy healthier parents with more energy now. Our eating habits improved and we are more conscious about caring for our health.

I have managed to generate enough money to provide for my family and more. But the most important part of this is the chance I have had to share with others, like you, this opportunity of making a difference in others lives! That has been my greatest gratification. It has not been easy but it has been simple. We the support of my husband, family and friends I’ve succeeded. This is something that you can achieve too and I’m here to help you! Changing lives, one at a time!

I would love to hear from you. I would love to know your story too. Please comment below…

Many Blessings,

Mary Pirela 

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