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Frequently Asked Questions

I Have A Disease/Medical Condition/Ailment. Can I Use Xyngular Products?

Xyngular products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before taking Xyngular products, it is recommended to consult your primary care physician. Xyngular does not give medical advice, so you will be referred back to your physician for medical concerns or questions.

Can pregnant women use these products?

During pregnancy and through breast feeding you should only use the products under the approval of your pre and post natal care physician(s). As for products that should be discussed with the primary care physician: #1 should be AXION™. Though action was not developed as a prenatal vitamin, it contains many of the nutrients found in high-quality prenatal vitamins. This multi-nutrient includes food-based nutrients that are beneficial to all bodies. The addition of probiotics in AXION can also help digest food in order to maximize comfort and absorption of nutrients. When using AXION as a prenatal, you should also purchase 400 mcg tablets of folic acid (from folate) from any grocery store or pharmacy. The antioxidant protective ingredients of Super Fruit Global Blend™ and/or XypStix™ can also be considered. The rest of the product line should be discussed with the physician prior to use. Due to our product’s design to help the body control, use and eliminate unwanted calories; they should be used only under the direction of the primary care physician during pregnancy and breast feeding.


Are Xyngular Products Gluten Free?

Xyngular does not claim its products to be gluten free because they are not manufactured in a certified gluten free facility. Ingredient lists are available online and should be consulted before use of Xyngular products.

Is this approved by the FDA?

Xyngular’s facilities are randomly inspected by the FDA and are compliant with cGMP’s or current Good Manufacturing Practices. cGMP’s are regulated by the FDA. Our facilities are certified for cGMP’s by third party certifiers NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and the NPA (Natural Products Association). When it comes to ensuring that you are receiving products of the best quality in the industry, it takes relationships and expertise that extend from the ground to the bottle. XYNGULAR’s team behind the scenes is full of industry experts who have established the network of growers and suppliers of un-compromised ingredients from all over the world. We also have experts in quality control, quality assurance, sourcing, and manufacturing to maintain consistency with each production.