My name is Mary Pirela.

I’m happily married and mother of two beautiful children: Amanda Lucía and Diego Moisés who are my most powerful force to continue moving forward.

mary-pirela-familyI’m originally from Venezuela and in 1999 I had the opportunity of coming to the United States to help take care of my brother’s son. I had just lost my job as a Technology Consultant in Venezuela.

Obviously, I had to deal with a lot of changes such as learning a new language, adapting to a new culture, make new friends, etc. but I was determined to do my best and take advantage of the opportunity that this country offered me.

I had always liked to study, read and learn. In 2002, I decided to immerse myself in the fitness world and decided to become a Zumba instructor because I love dancing and more if involved dancing to Latin rhythms. I flew to Miami and in 2002 I became the first Zumba instructor in Minnesota.  Back then no one knew what Zumba was and for that reason gyms were not very open to the idea of offering a new Latin format class with a newbie like me.  So I decided to rent a small place for a few hours a week to teach Zumba and guess what I had in my first class ONLY 3 people. One of them was my husband. A year later I started teaching at a YMCA and two weeks later I had more than 40 people waiting in line to start shaking their bodies and take part of the most popular class in that YMCA. I couldn’t believe it!!!

Due to the success of Zumba and the high demand of classes in the Twin Cities I decided to apply to become an Official Zumba Fitness Trainer and for two years I had the great opportunity of certify more than 500 instructors across Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana!

Currently I add to my Zumba passion the ability of helping people improve their overall health and wellness. I love the areas of nutrition, natural supplements, motivation and self-growth and development.

From our home, a dream comes true

Since I was in college studying Computer Information Systems, I remember I had a deep desire of being able to work from home, to have my own business that will allow me to spend time with my children. Not only God has allowed me to make this dream come true, He has also given me a husband that had the same desire as me and despite the financial, emotional and personal struggles we have been able to have our home businesses.

A friend of mine introduced me to the opportunity of working with a great team of people in the industry of Network Marketing in the area of health and wellness. I feel blessed to be able to add to my fitness passion the sincere desire of helping others to take charge in their lives and improve their overall health and wellness as well as other areas of their lives.   This stage of my life has been very rewarding and enriching. The fact that I’m helping people improve their quality of life is priceless and I ask God that He continues giving me the opportunity to continue on this path. As an entrepreneur, there are challenges that are part of this journey and I welcome those challenges with certainty because these are steps I must take to move forward, to be an example for my children and for those who believe in what’s possible. I walk by God’s side with steady and strong steps.